Iridesse Skin Cremes

Dr. Ruth L. Hillelson is a world-renowned, board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Hillelson began developing her Iridesse skin care line as a solution to promoting true skin health and beauty for her patients that could not use the products currently available in medical grade and retail cosmetic lines.

Dr. Hillelson has been keenly involved in research since the very young age of 17, when she served as a project director of a National Science Foundation research grant while studying at Johns Hopkins University. Her last two years of medical school were spent at Harvard Medical School, where she was a surgical research trainee in plastic surgery. Skin structure, function, and wounding were some of her more advanced areas of research. Dr. Hillelson’s interest in skin-care continued as she began managing wound care in critically injured patients confined to a burn unit.

Early in her plastic surgery fellowship training, Dr. Hillelson began questioning every patient regarding his or her personal skin care regimen. She found that skin healed better and faster in patients who groomed appropriately and with products of quality natural ingredients.

Dr. Hillelson spent over 5 years of research in testing the effects of Iridesse on skin elasticity, strength, new collagen formation, and changes in laxity. Dr. Hillelson’s goals were to produce a skin care line that: 1. Consists of all natural ingredients. 2. Maintains the highest integrity with regard to percentages of key ingredients as validated by research protocols. 3. Penetrates the deeper layers of skin affecting true skin health and skin nutrition. 4. Promotes radiant and luminous skin. The result of these key objectives and research focus has finally been met, by the evolution of the Iridesse skin care line.

Dr. Hillelson’s professional opinion on skin care is, “Patients and consumers need to be keenly aware of nourishing their skin and protecting it from damaging environmental factors as well as the aging process; lifelong smart skin care results in glowing and radiant skin in the later years. Surgery alone cannot provide the youthful look towards which we all aspire. Strategic skin care is vital!”

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