Name That Caption: October 2020

So sorry, this contest ended on October 18, 2020.
Rocking Chairs caption contest

We provide the cartoon, you give us the caption! Enter the “Name That Caption” contest by for your chance to win. Bragging rights go to the top three entries!

Winners will be notified by the end of the month, so be sure to provide valid, working means of contact.

Congratulations to our winners!

  1. Melissa Womack for caption "Well I guess this is the 2020 version of rock and roll."
  2. Thom Gelozin for caption "I said 'rock' not 'rockers.'"
  3. Bill Rudy for caption "They're not bad, but I thought The Doors were better."
  4. Cyndie Bosley for caption "On the road again or in the john again?"

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