Book Fair Event with Nancy Wright Beasley


  • November 15, 2017 | 12:00 pm

In 1998, Nancy was so moved by the stories re-created in the Virginia Holocaust Museum that she began researching the experiences of the Israel “Izzy” Ipson family and members of four other Jewish families who lived in Lithuania during World War II. Her research helped document how 13 Jews survived the Holocaust by living in a 9’x12’x 4’ underground hole, their lives sustained by a poor Catholic farming family and became the award-winning book: “Izzy’s Fire: Finding Humanity in the Holocaust”.

Beasley’s second book focusing on the Holocaust, “The Little Lion”, was published in 2016 and told the story of Laibale Gillman, a Lithuanian teen who sacrificed his life implementing a plan that would save the lives of family members—at a time when some 40,000 individuals were being executed within a few miles.

Nancy Wright Beasley’s journalistic career spans 35 years, including seven years as a state correspondent for The Richmond News Leader from 1979-1986. She has been a personal columnist and a contributing editor for Richmond Magazine since 1998 and has written national award-winning columns and articles for that magazine, as well as several other publications.

Co-hosted by Hadassah Richmond
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