Fado Nosso & Yeni Nostalji: A Night of Portuguese Fado and Turkish Pop Music


  • November 24, 2019 | 7:30 pm

Fado is a rich, intimate and intensely felt music that originated in Lisbon, Portugal in the 19th Century. Fado, meaning fate or destiny in Portuguese, interprets many sides of life, and may be mournful and melancholic, flirtatious and seductive or wistful and nostalgic. An urban folk genre, Fado is often described as “the Portuguese blues” and is known by many to be bittersweet, with heart-wrenching angst and yearning – what the Portuguese call saudade. Come and experience the soul of Fado.
Yeni Nostalji is a band based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. The group writes original music sung in Turkish by bandleader and founder Christina Marie. They are currently signed to Ropeadope Records, and released their debut album in May of 2018 which features members of the Richmond Symphony, Bio Ritmo, and NO BS! Brass. Yeni Nostalji has shared the stage with acts such as Mdou Moctar, Banda Magda, Yonatan Gat, B.C.U.C., and Miramar. The performing band features Christina Marie (composition, lyrics, vocals), Gary Kalar (guitar, arrangements) and Turkish rhythm section Ayça Kartari (bass) and Emre Kartari (drums). The band takes cues from a wide-range of vintage and contemporary influences, including the soundscape of Turkish, European, and American pop radio from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.