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It Came From Outer Space: What the Dinosaurs Didn’t Know


  • June 23, 2021 | 12:00 pm

Dinosaurs likely grab our attention in part because some grew to such large sizes. It’s a bit ironic that their extinction has been tied to an object so insignificant on the cosmic scale that they’re often left off of children’s solar system lunch boxes.

The main culprit in the demise of the dinosaurs: an asteroid. These space rocks don’t shine like stars, they don’t have the instant recognition of planets, and can’t even muster the popularity of most dwarf planets. But asteroids carry important clues about the solar system’s past, they’ve made their mark on Earth’s history, and they could still alter our future.

Join us as we explore the science of asteroids, what they can tell us about our place in the universe, and how humanity is trying to avoid the dinosaurs’ fate: a visit from a space rock they didn’t see coming.