Miramar with Rosette String Quartet: An Evening of Latin Music


  • June 16, 2019 | 6:45 pm

Miramar is a sextet (sometimes joined by a string quartet) that features the awe-inspiring male-female singing duo of Rei Alvarez (Bio Ritmo) and Laura Ann Singh (Quatro Na Bossa). Effortless in their delivery of intricate harmonies, they are backed by bandleader Marlysse Simmons (Bio Ritmo) who alternates between vintage organs and acoustic piano, guitarist Bryan Vargas (Falu, Fela! The Musical) and a rotating cast of percussionists including Hector “Coco Barez (Calle 13, Bio Ritmo) and Giustino Riccio (Bio Ritmo), and bassists Rusty Farmer (Quatro Na Bossa) and Cameron Ralston (Spacebomb Records). The band is based between Richmond, VA and Brooklyn, NY with strong ties to Puerto Rico, Chile and Brazil.