Monumental Youth


  • February 14, 2019

This exhibit collects the designs of Richmond region high school students for the next monument on Monument Avenue. The narratives, sketches, and sculptures shown here address issues of representation in public statuary, heroism, and visions for an Avenue that reflects the values of its youngest community members. Each entry includes a sculpture, a sketch, and a short narrative statement about the choices guiding the proposal.

Storefront + the mOb Studio have asked Richmond region high school students to design the next monument on Monument Avenue. Students were asked to identify a hero, distinguish between memorials and monuments, and consider the role of public art as it reflects the dynamic and diverse population of Richmond. On display will be models of each students’ monuments, a sketch of their monument, and a short written narrative defending their design choices and figures.

A companion exhibit is on display at The Valentine: the entries from national design competition to conceptually re-imagine Monument Avenue and contribute to this important dialogue about race, memory, the urban landscape and public art.