Yesterday’s Stories, Today’s Inspiration, Part II


  • May 8, 2018

Yesterday’s Stories, Today’s Inspiration is a photographic exhibition that captures a few moments in the lives of African Americans from the 1850s – 1950s. Through the photographer’s eye the exhibition is a display of faces and places that deserve remembering.

Part II of the exhibition includes artifacts such as Marian Anderson’s dress, Bojangles shoe shine box, vintage cameras, Tuskegee Airmen medals, and a total of over 150 photos depicting worship, education, entrepreneurs, organizations, professionals, and the military. If you’ve seen Part I, you have to come back to see how the story continues. Haven’t seen it? You can view Parts I and II together as well as share your story of who inspires you. Sincere appreciation goes to our researcher and curator, Elvatrice Belsches and many thanks to the families and institutions that shared their photographs.