5 Things to Consider When Vacationing on the Outer Banks with Your Pets

February 5th, 2024

Ensure a good time for both of you

Samoyed dog on beach. Image by Alsimonov. For article on the perfect Outer Banks vacation with pets

Traveling and having a relaxing vacation with pets can sometimes feel very overwhelming, so finding a location that is pet-friendly is always welcome! The Outer Banks of North Carolina is just such a place and has become a prime vacation destination for many pet owners.

When looking for the perfect accommodations on the Outer Banks, be sure to search for pet-friendly OBX vacation rentals, as these properties have clearly laid out guidelines and no restrictions on having the time of your life while you vacation with your pets. Here are more things to consider while vacationing with your pets on the Outer Banks.

A perfect OBX vacation for pets and owners

1. Book a pet-friendly rental

When you are looking for accommodations for your pet, be sure to always filter the ones that allow them in the first place. It is never a good idea to expect rentals to make accommodations for your pet, especially when they have clearly mentioned guidelines and no pet policies.

They will most likely not budge, and you will be left stuck. Instead, always look for rentals that are pet-friendly and have a clear code of conduct for having your pet on the property.

2. Pack your pet’s food and toys

While plenty of pet stores are on the Outer Banks, you can’t be certain that they will carry your specific brand of food. Packaging your pet’s food for the days you will be spending at the rentals is always best.

You want to make your pet feel at home in your vacation rental home, and a good way to do this is to bring their favorite toys along for the trip. Choose a few toys that pack easily and will be fun for your pet to play with indoors and at the beach.

3. Take the pet carrier with you

Pet carriers or crates are incredibly convenient when it comes to transporting your pets without causing them stress. Invest in a carrier or crate that is large enough to accommodate your pet comfortably. It is best to get your pet used to the crate far in advance of your trip as well so that they are comfortable going in it and happy to do so when it’s time to travel.

Be sure to create a comfortable space for them in the crate by adding a blanket and maybe a couple of toys. Also, be sure that you yourself are able to manage the crate easily. You don’t want to purchase a crate that you aren’t able to move from place to place when needed.

4. Research pet-friendly parks and beaches

Beaches are the perfect setting for a pet to enjoy, especially if your pet loves to be around water. It is always best to check if the beaches you have in mind are pet-friendly. Some beaches on the OBX have specific policies that must be adhered to at all times. For instance, in Corolla, pets are allowed on the beach but must be leashed at all times. In Duck, a certificate of vaccination will be required; however, the pet can be leash-free as long as you are able to control them. Researching pet-friendly parks and beaches will ensure you are able to plan your day in advance and be sure to enjoy it.

The Other Side of the Outer Banks: Three natural areas offering a different perspective

5. Plan for relaxation and downtime

Consider creating a designated space within the rental where your pet can unwind. Whether it’s a comfortable corner with their bed or a cozy blanket, having a familiar spot can help ease any stress they may feel in a new environment. Take short leisurely strolls around the rental property, allowing your pet to familiarize themselves with the surroundings and enjoy some outdoor time.

Bring their favorite toys or comfort items to recreate a sense of home. Remember to check if there are nearby pet-friendly parks or trails where you can take easy walks or simply sit together and enjoy the serene surroundings. Consider incorporating these moments into your itinerary to create a vacation that strikes the perfect balance between exploration and relaxation for both you and your pet.

Parting words

Many pet parents dream of giving their pets the best life they can. Vacation is one such time when your pet will be making cherishable core memories. Having to leave them behind can be heartbreaking, but thankfully, there are rental properties on the OBX that understand this.

They offer pet-friendly accommodations with easy-to-follow guidelines that will ensure your and your pet’s safety at all times while on the property.

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