How to Create an Attractive Point of Entry

By Cathy Hobbs | November 20th, 2018

Using consoles to make a positive first impression on guests


When you walk into a home, what is the first thing you see? The first thing you notice? Often the experience is shaped by the point of entry. Whether it’s with a mirror placed in an entry hallway, bench or artwork, creating an appealing point of entry can go a long a way in making a positive first impression. The use of an entry console is perhaps one of the more popular ways to create a subtle yet impacting look.


Glass consoles are ideal for areas where the entry may be small or narrow. Glass will automatically help a smaller space feel more open without making it feel overwhelming or stuffed.


Narrow consoles are perfect for long walls and entry hallways. If you have an especially long wall, a popular designer trick is to place identical consoles side by side to create the illusion of a single furniture piece. Artwork or mirrors above your console will help create a finished look.


Looking to create a sleek, modern look? Lacquer remains a popular finish and typically comes in both matte and lacquer finishes.


Wood is versatile and an ideal material for timeless elegance. If you are looking for a more formal and elegant look, wood can help provide a luxurious feel. Conversely, if an industrial look is more your taste, wood can also be an attractive choice.

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