A Warm Heart for the Cold-Sensitive

October 5th, 2020

This is the mother of all inventions

ZEEPWEAR hoodies

Submitted by Linda Hopkins, founder and owner of ZEEPWEAR. A local, female-owned business. 

Among the problems and challenges faced by patients undergoing any number of medical treatments, being uncomfortably cold should not have to be one of them.

ZEEPWEAR grayYet doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and all variety of medical treatment facilities can, in fact, be a bit chilly. The cooler environment does have health benefits but it is also necessary in order for staff to function effectively in layers of PPE all day.

As a licensed LPN for the past thirty years, I have witnessed first-hand how uncomfortable cold-sensitive patients can become. Procedures ranging from lengthy dialysis treatments, chemotherapy and frequent bloods draws often contribute to this discomfort. Diabetic and anemic patients also suffer in the cooler temperatures.

In the case of dialysis, a patient may be anemic due to kidney failure and must sit for treatment from three to four hours. That patient is cold from being anemic and during the process of cleansing their blood for impurities, they become more anemic and very cold.

ZEEPWEAR zippers

Depending on the location of their access point – an arm or upper chest – they may have to sit partially disrobed so the healthcare workers can gain access for treatment. I have witnessed some patients have come for treatment with holes cut into the sleeves or chest area of their clothing so that they would not have to undress.

This is why I created ZEEPWEAR. My observations confirmed how great it would be to create a piece of  clothing that is thermal (warm!), has a two-way zipper in both sleeves for arms as well as on both shoulders.

For example, if a patient has an access in the lower arm, the upper arm would be covered; and vice versa. Same for chest access.

Additionally, I added a hood to help block cool air blowing down from the ceiling and a kangaroo pouch to keep the hands warm as well. The functionality of our unique cuts and zipper entries are practical, and the design is comfortable and can be worn in any environment. Most importantly, our strategic design allows the patient to conserve as much body heat as possible and there is no need to disrobe. 

About Linda 

As a resident of Central Virginia and a career nurse, I have had the opportunity to experience nursing from a variety of perspectives within our community and learned from each and every one. The journey to create ZEEPWEAR has had its’ share of challenges and I am both pleased and confident that we have created a best in class product that can truly help patients more comfortably receive necessary medical treatment. Please visit our website to view more information about ZEEPWEAR. 

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