Keys to a Longer Drive Off the Tee

September 21st, 2016

Golf is a favorite pastime for Baby Boomers.  As more and more Boomers enjoy the game, many have noticed their drive is either shorter than it used to be or shorter than they would like it to be.  We spoke to PGA Pro Bobby Lopez to find out how to increase the distance of the drive.  Here’s what he says are the keys:

  1.  Start your downswing with your arms and hands.  Many golfers are taught to shift their weight during downswing, but using your arms and hands can lead to a better, more powerful drive. Professional golfer Sergio Garcia says that his father taught him to imagine he was pulling down on a chain with both hands to start his downswing. Watch more on this here.
  2. Rotate your hands quickly through impact.  Using a soft grip, rotate your hands as if you were going to hit a ping pong ball. Speeding  up your hands will naturally increase momentum, making your ball strike more powerful.  Here is a drill you can use.
  3. Invest in a longer, lighter driver.  A typical driver weighs 320 grams.  Independent tests have proven that for each 10 grams of weight reduction, you gain one mile per hour of club head speed, which can increase drive distance by three yards.  We recommend the Palo Grande driver.  It’s the same legal length as other drivers (48 inches) but weighs only 275 grams.

With a few simple changes to your swing, you can be hitting your drive longer than ever.

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