The Lasting Beauty of the Seaside Art Gallery

By Cindy Reed | September 21st, 2016

The Seaside Art Gallery has more than 3,500 works of original art, with over 500 local and international artists in varying genre and tastes. From quality abstract art to more traditional realism, wildlife, seascapes, landscapes, and more.

Seaside Art Gallery Image

I don’t know how I missed it! I’ve traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina so many times… weekend getaways… family vacations… holiday celebrations. Just like any traveler, I enjoy digging my toes in the sand on the expansive natural beaches, exploring the lighthouses, and shopping just about what I thought was every unique shop on the beach.

And then I found Seaside Art Gallery. At first it looks like an interesting gallery in a familiar red brick building. Being at the beach, I expected to see some local artist seascapes, a couple of framed prints, and some cool seashore items for my desk back at the office.

Then I stepped inside!

What I found was hundreds of paintings and Disney animation cells on the walls around me. A friendly face pops around the corner and greets me with an inviting smile, “Hi! How are you!” I respond, “Wow! You have a lot of art here!” “Oh yes,” she says. “We have 12 rooms full.”

12 Rooms-full

This is my best discovery yet. Paintings, studio animation cells, etchings, sculptures, jewelry, wood carvings… all quality original art.

In all, the gallery has more than 3,500 works of original art, with over 500 local and international artists in varying genre and tastes. From quality abstract art to more traditional realism, wildlife, seascapes, landscapes, and more.

The same Masters and Classic artists that are in New York City galleries, are also found in Seaside Art Gallery: Disney, Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers animation art… Audobon… Chagall… Dali… Durer… Federic… Sackrider… Remington… Renoir… Rembrandt, to name a few.

There is a wide selection of local and national artists from which to choose. Richmond’s own Suzanne Morris is represented at the gallery along with other well known Virginia based artists like Debra Keirce.

The gallery also has notable Outer Banks collectibles: fascinating pottery pieces from the Algonkian Collington tribe, historical documents and artifacts for the Lost Colonists, Civil War Burnside Expedition, and the Wright Brothers First Flight.

Art Shows and Artist Demos

Melanie Smith
Melanie Smith, owner of Seaside Art Gallery

It was amazing to meet an artist on-site and watch him give live demonstrations on how etchings are

made. It was like watching the history of etchings unfold right before my eyes. The gallery schedules several artist live demonstrations throughout the year, and there’s likely to be a new art exhibit going on too.

Notably, Seaside Art Gallery hosts its International Miniature Art Show each year. Mini art is big! Popular that is. There are 20 recognized Miniature Art shows in the USA, and 1 of these shows is at the gallery each May.

The 2016 show is April 30th – May 30th and will be the gallery’s 26th International Miniature Art Show. It showcases 600 miniature works of art, with 200-plus acclaimed artists across 5 continents, 8 countries and 36 states in the USA.

A Family Gallery

Chances are, you’ll meet the owner, Melanie Smith. She is at the gallery daily. Her parents established the gallery in 1961 in the town of Nags Head, and the family has owned and operated it ever since. Melanie and the staff are most helpful and reputed for their expertise. They are happy to tell you anything you want to know about the art. Melanie is an accredited fine arts appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers. The authenticity of the gallery’s art is fully guaranteed.

Seaside Art Gallery is at 2716 South Virginia Dare Trail in Nags Head, N.C. The gallery is open year round. Stop in or check online to see what’s new or browse around. Their toll free number is 800-828-2444.

The gallery has a generous policy of 30-day refund or 5-year exchange. They ship anywhere. What’s not to find in a gallery like this with 55 years of excellence with reputed customer service!