Style at Home: Summer Trends We Love!

By By Katie Laughridge, Tribune News Service | June 30th, 2020

Sizzling décor ideas for your summertime home and patio

Juicy orange decor colors for summer trends

While we’ve been feeling the heat of the sun for a few weeks already, it’s now officially summertime! Summer has always been a special season, full of entertaining, family and friends, but without the stress of the winter holidays that usually accompanies those types of gatherings. Summer is the time to kick back with those you hold dear and enjoy a nice cold beverage on the patio (lemonade for the kid, rosé for me?). However, despite the tranquility of the season you still want your decor to sizzle! Join me as we discuss the summer trends found in this season of fireflies, balmy nights and waterside relaxing.

Petit poisson

Lakehouse chic decor
Lakehouse chic makes for a pretty space that is full of life and comfort. (Handout/TNS)

What is summer without a visit (or 15) to the lake [or river]? Lakehouse chic makes for a pretty space that is full of life and comfort. It is easy to add touches of rustic, lake-inspired decor to many of your rooms at home. One of my favorite areas to update for summer is the kitchen and dining area. Plates are a simple, practical way to incorporate a new look. Beyond a beautiful table setting, you can use plates as wall decor or display them in a countertop vignette for all to admire. Lake-inspired pillows and light summer throws round out your look by adding texture and a relaxed energy perfect for curling up in vacation bliss. No lake house (or no lake)? No problem. These additions look wonderful in any setting.

Citrus hues

Bright, cheery and festive, citrus accents and hues are perfect for summer. Juicy orange, electric yellow and vivid greens make for an energetic and fresh combination that will illuminate your space. You can subtly introduce these sometimes overpowering hues in your space in many ways.

Candle holders, table textiles and lemon details can bring a vibrant flair. I absolutely love citrus accents. In fact, I have a tangelo tree that has somehow survived an entire year (it’s a plant miracle!), so any excuse to bring in lemons, limes and oranges (and tangelos) and I am there.

Picnic-perfect melamine

Melamine plates
Melamine is lightweight and virtually unbreakable. (Handout/TNS)

During the summer months, my family loves to use our outdoor dining spaces. Whether that space is a four seasons room, a patio or a screened porch, I am always striving to get as much fresh air as possible before our Midwest winter returns. Considering the dangers that outdoor dining brings (I’ve lost many a ceramic plate on the trek from kitchen to patio), and the dangers of having an almost-4-year old, it’s no wonder I have been loving melamine this season. Melamine is lightweight and virtually unbreakable, not to mention it comes in many beautiful patterns.

One of my favorites this year has been paper plate-inspired melamine plates. They bring back all the nostalgia and memories of using paper settings as a child but without the environmental impact of non-reusable plates. These beauties are not microwave-safe, but you can pop them into the dishwasher.

Summer is a time to try new things and have some fun, so these are only a few of my favorite trends. I have also been using a ton of red, white and blue and continuing my love of Charcuterie Chic as well.

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