TEDxRVA: Ideas and Innovation Coming to Richmond in the Form of TED Talks

By Boomer Staff | May 26th, 2017

A room full of innovative minds will fill the heads of Richmonders with creativity, ideas and some serious thoughts to ponder.

TEDxRVA Speaker

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

This year at TEDxRVA, speakers are taking that philosophy and running amok, sharing their own versions of the theme, “change.” A room full of innovative minds will fill the heads of Richmonders with creativity, ideas and some serious thoughts to ponder.

TED is a nonprofit organization committed to spreading ideas and inspiration on hundreds of different topics through short, powerful speeches. Richmond’s own version, TEDxRVA, is in its fifth year and will take place on Friday, June 23, at the Dominion Arts Center from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

And as with any TED Talk conference, the speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and will present talks centered on the designated theme.

You can look forward to traditional speakers, such as Arthur Burton. A community activist, Burton works with historically impoverished neighborhoods in Richmond through his nonprofit, Kinfolk Community Empowerment. He spends his time with disadvantaged residents, empowering them to make their own changes within their community.

You might even recognize some of the speakers, such as Ben Sollee, whose melodic cello may have graced your ears in the past. This time, let him grace your ears with his theory on art and how it can be utilized to connect communities and create change in unique ways.

And then, there may be some speakers you’re not so familiar with, such as Amber J. Phillips and Jazmine “Da K.O.S” Walker. The witty, creative and sassy minds behind the Black Joy Mixtape podcast will be exploring the topic of cultural pride and how it relates to societal healing.

But it wouldn’t be a TED Talk without a few wildcards. For instance: Semi Ryu. Ryu is both a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and a Korean Shamanism Puppetry Artist. She’ll be discussing her development of turning virtual reality into an instrument for expression and empathy.

There will also be breakfast, lunch and snacks supplied throughout the day. And since it is a TED event, naturally all of the refreshments provided will be from local, Richmond-area businesses.

Find out more about TEDxRVA! Learn about the speakers, find details on the event, and get your tickets!

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