To Every Thing There is a Season

By Lori Ross | February 7th, 2016

BOOMER publisher Lori Ross passes on the BOOMER baton to Paul Hinksi.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” 

I’ve always loved the simplicity of this quote from Ecclesiastes (and, later, the Byrds), and the peacefulness it brings. It’s how life is for all of us … how it always has been and will always be. It has helped me through the passage of loved ones, or when children leave the nest, and now – as I officially pass the baton of publisher of this magazine to the next one, Paul Hinski.


Nearly 10 years ago, several of us decided to start this venture. Probably by default, I became the publisher and orchestra director for what this would eventually become.

It’s highly personal to create something and watch it grow. Most of you can relate. You know from your own lives that you put a large part of your heart and soul into your own pursuits and that handing over the reins is bittersweet. It becomes imperative that you depersonalize and trust and understand that your role will be replaced.

So that’s the bitter part. The sweet part is moving on to a new great unknown, or just even being able to manage the other parts of your life better. That is where I choose to place my focus.


Truth be told, the challenge to the opening quote is it’s not as simple as it seems. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand the timing of when the seasons pass and what the exact purpose should be at any given time. In an entrepreneurial family business, there’s not a built-in retirement date – no golden watch and retirement party. In my case, the right time might have been a year or two ago when I chose to be out-of-town for extended stays for family purposes rather than work full time. The very talented BOOMER team made it possible for me to have the best of all worlds by carrying on so well during my absence. In the long haul, they deserve more. So, now it’s time.

I’d like to express appreciation to Ray McAllister, Matt Stanton, Joyce Thompson, Daniel Jones, Tracy Stewart, Mike Cheadle, Brian Donohue, Jon Fleming, Hew Stith, Kathy Vertrees, Stephanie Wigglesworth, Shawn Johnson, and many BOOMER writers and Ross family co-workers. Thank you for your collaboration and the joy of working with you.

And, welcome Paul. You’re in very good company.

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