Books for Baby Boomers

By Annie Tobey | January 27th, 2020

From emotional to nostalgic to delicious

Handpicked nonfiction books for baby boomers: serious, creative, tasty, and nostalgic.

Diary of a Broken Mind book cover by Anne Moss Rogers with Charles RogersDiary of a Broken Mind

By Anne Moss Rogers with Charles Rogers

308 pages, Beach Glass Books, Oct. 1, 2019

BOOMER readers and other Richmonders may know Rogers as an activist, addressing the topics of mental illness, depression, addiction and suicide. Her new book delves into the life of her son, Charles, revealing the light and the darkness. It examines what led to his suicide, in part through song lyrics that he wrote, unedited lyrics that scream Charles’ agony. The mother’s words speak of her pain in dealing with his addiction, his suicide and her own feelings of guilt. But the book also shares lessons that all readers can benefit from. It ushers in hope and healing, exploring how the author found her purpose and forgave herself. Order ‘Diary of a Broken Mind’ here.

Boomer Brand Winners & Losers book cover by Barry SilversteinBoomer Brand Winners and Losers

By Barry Silverstein

272 pages, GuideWords Publishing, Jan. 6, 2020

Readers can revisit the iconic brands of the 1950s and ’60s while learning stories behind those that popped (like Kenner’s Easy-Bake Oven) and those that flopped (Kellogg’s OKs cereal?). The book is divided into 15 chapters, including TV shows, toys, various food categories, revolutionaries, cars, technology and movies. Each chapter presents winners (paint by numbers, I agree) and losers (space food sticks, yep), with tales behind the product. Silverstein is a retired marketing professional, which may color his choice of brands to cover, and you may disagree with his assessments – which is half the fun. Buy your copy of ‘Boomer Brand Winners and Losers: 156 Best & Worst Brands of the 50s and 60s’ here.

Red Truck Bakery Cookbook cover By Brian NoyesRed Truck Bakery Cookbook

By Brian Noyes

224 pages, Clarkson Potter, Oct. 23, 2018

After selling breads, pies and granola to neighbors, then online, Brian Noyes quit his job and opened a bakery in Fauquier County, Virginia, in 2009. Since then, the business has gained national attention. And rightly so: Southern-touched Red Truck goodies are spot-on delicious. Think Kentucky bourbon pecan pie, mincemeat pie, Meyer lemon cake, molasses cookies and double-chocolate moonshine cake, plus granola, muffins, quiches and other savories. Products are available at the bakery’s two storefronts, and many can be ordered online and shipped. But with the cookbook, you can make any of 85 delectable creations yourself, using recipes simple enough for the home cook. More than just sweets, the book includes savory quiches, casseroles and pies, plus breads, spreads and more. Buy your copy of ‘Red Truck Bakery Cookbook: Gold-Standard Recipes from America’s Favorite Rural Bakery’ here.

Making Music for LifeMaking Music for Life book cover By Gayla M. Mills

By Gayla M. Mills

224 pages, Dover Publications, Aug. 14, 2019

Former college instructor and current hobbyist musician Gayla Mills takes her readers beyond the first steps of learning (or re-learning) to play an instrument. Certainly, her book covers choosing an instrument and learning the basics. Then she pulls back the curtain to show the breadth of potential for a second-act musician – jamming, attending music camps, absorbing live music, forming a band and finding gigs, recording, and building a music community – and how to make these happen. In a book targeted to amateur and aspiring musicians in the second half of life, Mills also addresses how aging can affect musicians. Quotes from both professional and amateur musicians provide further inspiration. Mills’ how-to book can spark enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Get your copy of ‘Making Music for Life: Rediscover Your Musical Passion’ here.

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