Fling Your Golf Clubs Aside

By Annie Tobey | September 9th, 2016

There is now a more enjoyable way to traverse the greens! FlingGolf has come to Hunting Hawk Golf Club in Glen Allen.

Diehard golf purists, click here now and do not read further. What I’m about to say may upset you.

There is now a more enjoyable way to traverse the greens! FlingGolf has come to Hunting Hawk Golf Club in Glen Allen.

Someone once said, “Golf is a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.” The way I see it, using a 460cc or smaller striking surface attached to the end of a skinny 40-inch-long stick to drive a 1.68-inch ball more than 6,000 yards is nothing less than a formula for failure.

Instead, imagine placing the ball in a lacrosse-like stick and flinging it towards the hole. Once on the green, you’ll use the notch side of the FlingStick to guide your ball hockey-style towards the hole. No more whiffing the ball. No more standing at the tee adjusting your feet to just the right millimeter and staring at the ball as if to say, “Please do what I’m asking you to this time!” No more lugging a heavy bag of multiple clubs. No more mortgaging your house to pay for equipment and greens fees.

As golf courses fight to stay alive, combating the seeming demise of the sport, many offer creative alternatives to the traditional game, including the Golf Bike at Independence Golf Club on the Chesterfield and Powhatan line, FootGolf at Windy Hill in Midlothian and FlingGolf at Hunting Hawk.

“FlingGolf is another way to increase rounds during the times when it’s slow,” said Smitty Smithson, pro shop manager. “It’s something different and easy to learn, something that people who don’t play golf can do.” Smithson also points to Richmonders’ affinity for lacrosse, emphasizes the game’s appeal for all ages – mid-teens and up – and notes that it’s faster to play than traditional golf.

Hunting Hawk Golf Club opens its course up to FlingGolf from 3 to 6 p.m. daily. Fees range from $10 for juniors playing nine holes to $25 for adults playing 18 holes – cart included. Groups can mix FlingGolf players with golfers. To learn more, go to the Hunting Hawk website. To arrange a tee time, call 804-749-1900.

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