Letter to the Writer: Just Flowers

October 8th, 2020

A heartening response to a recent column

Just flowers in a glass Image

We were delighted on winning Boomer Magazine’s Letter of the Issue for July-August edition. Also, appreciate so much the Bev’s gift card. Our letter was in regard to Michael W. Updike’s essay, on “Just Flowers: Memories of My Mother.” Updike’s mother had Flintstones glasses with her dandelions and flowers lovingly placed in these glasses.

This is a follow-up of what has now happened. Who would ever know that our son, Donnie Dodson, read my Boomer letter and Michael Updike’s article. Guess what – Donnie has just given us as a gift: two Flintstones juice-sized glasses and four larger glasses. We have no idea where our thoughtful son found these special glasses; an antique mall or shop. One Flintstone glass with flowers from our yard (no dandelions, however) is now sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

Just wanted to share this with you at Boomer, and especially with Michael Updike. He is one of our favorite Richmond writers!!

Thanks so much and our best,

Maggie & Clarence Dodson

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