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Finding Peace Within Yourself

By Cindy Martin | February 18th, 2014

Peace can be defined as a calm and relaxed state of mind. When it’s real, no one can shake you from it. When you’re peaceful you tend to make better decisions, avoid drama and appreciate what you have. If you’re continually troubled and in search of true peace, here are a few simple ways to find it.

State the Worst Case Scenario

Worry is the enemy of peace. It is based in some fear that something will go wrong. Sometimes when you get that worst fear out on the table, it helps to relieve your worries and set you on the road to peace. So identify the worst case scenario of what you’re worried about, whether it’s going broke, breaking up with a significant other or losing your home. Now that it’s out on the table, get mentally prepared for that possible outcome and come up with a realistic plan for how you will deal with it. Then release it and get back to living your life.

Read Something Positive Everyday

One way to have peace is to consume something positive each and every day — that might be a positive affirmation posted on your mirror, a motivational book or an audio tape. There are countless books and other forms of media that are specifically designed to improve your mood, give you a better outlook or help you find peace. There is something about hearing or reading something positive on a consistent basis that helps you get into the proper state of mind.

Cut Off the TV

You would be surprised at how much watching television day in and out can drain you and disturb your peace. To be more specific, certain shows can raise your anxiety level. Television marketers specialize in sending out messages of fear to scare you into buying things. If you have a problem with envy, why watch shows that feature people who have what you want bragging about what they have? As soon as you turn off the TV, you’re then disturbed by thoughts of insufficiency. If mega-violent movies disturb your peace and give you bad dreams why watch them?

Count Your Blessings

It can be hard to look at the glass as half full, especially when going through a difficult time, but taking time to count your blessings can help you find some peace with your current situation. Take out a sheet of paper and write down all of the things you have. Even if it is as small as “nice hair,” list it. When you’re done, review the list carefully and then post it somewhere you look every day, such as next to the mirror in your bathroom.

Once you finally do find peace, remember that no one should be able to shake you out of that state of mind. Allow only positive, like-minded people around you and stay consistent with the patterns that have helped you achieve a peaceful mindset.

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