October 25th, 2017

Lincoln in Richmond



Directed by Steven Spielberg

Starring Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field

A look at the debilitating decisions Abraham Lincoln had to make during the American Civil War. In 1865, as war began to come to an end, Lincoln fights desperately to pass the amendment to end slavery before peace arrives. He faces an impossible dilemma, whether to end the war between the states or end slavery forever.

Notable Filming Locations in and Around Richmond

Capitol Square (Ninth and Grace streets) – U.S. Capitol scenes

Powhatan County – Battlefield scenes

Maymont (2201 Shields Lake Drive) – Appomattox scenes

Virginia Rep Center (114 W. Broad St.) – Theater scenes

AMF Building (8200 Centre Path Lane, Mechanicsville) – White House interior

Old Towne Petersburg Farmers Market (River Street, Petersburg) – Grant’s headquarters interiors

Union Station (103 River St., Petersburg) – Lincoln’s flag-raising speech

Lincoln Was Here

Did you know that Lincoln was filmed entirely in Virginia? Follow the “Lincoln Was Here” map for both Petersburg and downtown Richmond. Visit dozens of locations in the area where scenes were shot and where the cast and crew hung out in their free time!

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