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December 8th, 2017

Products that represent this beloved city and state of ours 

Virginia Is for LoversIt’s no secret that the city of Richmond is brimming with charisma, stories and historical landmarks from days long gone.

And from those attributes, locals can find products and shops that commemorate this very city and the Commonwealth of Virginia. So whether you’d like to increase the “RVA” in your life, have some home decorating to do or have holiday shopping on the brain, we’ve scoped out the best local spots to find Richmond- and Virginia-themed gifts.


Support school spirit at the Virginia Diner Shoppe, which proudly represents dozens of Virginia colleges with branded mugs, Tervis tumblers, flags, lamps, tapestries and even Monopoly games. Who doesn’t love a rousing round of Virginia Techopoly?

The stores also carry the largest variety of Virginia Diner peanuts, for a more delicious kind of gift.

And if you’re thinking how much you wish you could combine the two, look for the nuts dedicated to various Virginia schools. Finally, answer that age-old question of what JMU peanuts taste like.

Chesterfield Towne Center, 11500 Midlothian Turnpike


Short Pump Town Center, 11800 W. Broad St.


Carytown, 3004 W. Cary St.



The name of this boutique, nestled in The Shops at 5807, says it all: artwork, T-shirts and more, soaked with signature trademarks of our fair city. The Richmond Collection features an assortment of kitchen items decorated with landmarks such as Byrd Park, Jackson Ward, the State Capitol and the Carpenter Center. Find matching plates, platters, mugs, tea towels and Very Richmondglasses – of the wine, pint and rocks variety.

Use the collection as an excuse to upgrade your friends’ and family’s lives – or your own – from just a little bit Richmond to Very Richmond.

5807 Patterson Ave. | 804-288-5807


This is the stop for all things Commonwealth related. The Virginia Shop carries products showcasing the Virginia flag in the form of pillows, bow and neckties, and miniflags. There are also a variety of state-stamped items such as ornaments, wine glasses and cookie cutters filled with fudge. And don’t forget the state bird: spot cardinals on throw pillows, kitchen towels and wine stoppers.

800 E. Broad St. | 804-692-3500


This quaint Carytown gallery carries a huge diversity of local pieces that are difficult, or in some cases impossible, to find anywhere else. Its artists are based in Central Virginia, and much of their art reflects – you guessed it – Richmond.

Looking for a sketch of the Capitol? Look no further. Think your relatives would like a professional photograph of the James River? Orange has just the thing. Does your friend have an affinity for the Lucky Strike smokestack and water tower? Find it in watercolor form.

Discover artwork with our state, our city and nearly every local landmark represented in Orange, in a variety of sizes, types and media. Perfect for the Richmond-lover and art-lover alike.

3422 W. Cary St. | 804-257-9800


The gift shop at the convention center sells products designed for tourists who want a souvenir to remember their time fondly spent in Richmond. It’s the perfect place to get RVA key chains, mugs, magnets and T-shirts, and to remind everyone that, yes, Virginia is indeed “For Lovers.”

403 N. Third St. | 804-783-7300 


Unlike its counterparts, this shop presents Richmond-related merchandise that tells the tale of a different Richmond. For the Civil War aficionado in your life, the American Civil War Museum, as you might imagine, has got you covered.

Find historical books of the Civil War covering a variety of topics: from Civil War leaders to soldier stories to slavery in Richmond. Find knick-knacks, artwork and collector’s items, along with tote bags and T-shirts proudly commanding, “On to Richmond!”

500 Tredegar St. | 804-649-1861 


The Poe Museum was created to honor one of our most famous residents, and its gift shop is designed to let customers take that honor home. The modest space is filled with Edgar Allan Poe paraphernalia, including some Richmond-specific items: books such as Edgar Allan Poe’s Richmond, bookmarks and even a “House of Usher” coffee blend, created by Ironclad Coffee Roasters.

1914 E. Main St. | 804-648-5523


In 1870, Mann Satterwhite Valentine Jr. extracted fluids from meat to help treat his dying wife in hopes that the vitamins would expedite healing. The elixir, dubbed “Meat Juice,” worked (or seemed to), and from there gained a reputation as a miracle tonic throughout Richmond and eventually the rest of the world.

Its fame lasted for decades, eventually replaced by more effective medicines, but The Valentine museum has exhibits and products commemorating this crazy concoction plus other local history, from the whimsical to the profound. The shop also sells travel mugs, tote bags, tea towels and even baby bibs that represent Richmond, celebrate history and, most importantly, tell a story.

1015 E. Clay St. | 804-649-0711


Bookworms, Richmond geeks and history buffs discover shopping paradise at the Virginia Historical Society. The museum carries a plethora of Richmond-themed books: on famous people from the area; on famous landmarks; on African-Americans; on Hispanic and Latino heritage; on historic events; on the Civil War; on cooking and beer; with loads of photos; and, of course, Miller & Rhoads Christmas books.

428 N. Boulevard | 804-358-4901


A longtime Richmond favorite, Mongrel stocks books, artwork and trinkets that you didn’t even know you needed until now. The Carytown shop includes a selection of products that’ll turn anyone’s home bar scene into one sponsored by Richmond, Virginia, in the blink of an eye: pint glasses with a list of Richmond streets and landmarks, ceramic RVA coasters proudly highlighting various local neighborhoods, a variety of Richmond-inspired bottle openers, and Texas Beach Bloody Mary mix concocted right here in Central Virginia.

Oh, and don’t forget the Mongrel-exclusive coffee blend from Rostov’s … you know, to help with the morning after.

2924 W. Cary St. | 804-342-1272

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