Wedding Reception Band Checklist

May 11th, 2022

Tips to consider

keyboard with a dance floor in the background, including a bride and groom dancing, wedding reception band photo by wideonet Dreamstime. Whether planning your wedding reception or hosting the event for a son or daughter, this wedding reception band checklist and tips can help.

Whether Boomer readers are planning their own wedding and reception or hosting the big event for a son or daughter, this wedding reception band checklist and tips can act as a go-to source.

Your wedding is around the corner!

If you want the occasion to be memorable among guests, you can’t go wrong with wedding reception bands!

Let’s face it!

You wouldn’t want to choose a wedding band that puts on a boring show on your most important life event, would you?

Instead, they are solely responsible for leading the show and ensuring that all visitors are on the dance floor at all times.

Now the question arises- How to choose the best band that caters to your needs and budget?

Don’t worry; here’s the checklist you should consider before choosing your wedding reception bands.

1. Set Your Budget

The cost of a live wedding band varies greatly, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In general, the larger a band is, the more you should anticipate paying. Other considerations were the band’s experience and popularity, as well as the distance they’ll have to travel to perform at your wedding – travel and lodging costs quickly add up.

2. Consider Your Preferred Music

First, determine whether the band members’ musical tastes are compatible with the mood you’re aiming for.

For example, if you want a low-key cocktail gathering with lots of relaxed conversation, then you can’t vibe with a heavy rock band.

To discover if they’ll be a good fit for you, get to know the group’s style by talking about their favorite wedding music.

3. Ask for a Preview of Their Performance

Seeing your potential band perform in person will give you an idea of how your wedding entertainment will sound and feel. And fortunately, many bands hold open-to-the-public showcases regularly.

Tip: Ask them to do a demonstration for you before the wedding day.

4. Don’t Overlook Their Flexibility

From the time you book till the day of the event, stay in touch with the band. If you were planning an outside performance, the weather could change!

Everyone must be flexible.

Let the band know ahead of time if you want them to work around speeches (and use their microphone/PA), cake-cutting, or other festivities you have planned.

5. Ensure Your Place Is Prepared to Host a Band

Imagine preparing for your wedding celebration only to discover that the venue lacks the necessary sound equipment for the band. To avoid any mishaps on the day of the event, double-check that your location is completely equipped to host the band. You might inquire about whether they have a stage or a designated performance area for the band.

Tip: Make sure they have a legal permit for holding live music events.

6. Review the Contract Before Signing it

Double-check the wedding date, time, location, and prices before signing a contract and reserving a band for your wedding. Make sure the contract includes a payment schedule as well as a cancellation provision that explains how the cancellation will affect the deposit and balance payment.

7. Some Bands Can Provide More Than You Expect

Immersive experience art is in vogue!

Characters dressed in special clothing and accessories, custom choreography, spotlight musical vignettes, Video Mapping, LED walls, and more are all part of these events.

Tip: Inquire with the bandleader or sales manager about other entertainment options and entertainment suggestions based on your event style and location.


A wedding reception band can make or break your life’s important event!

Before deciding on one, it’s critical to go through the process of choosing. You can easily choose an activity to complete your special day once you’ve assessed your needs, budget, and technical requirements.

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