Where Were You On December 5, 1986?

By Bill Oglesby | January 3rd, 2017

Bill Oglesby recalls some of the highlights of that day.

In an apparently long-waited action, the board of visitors at the College of William and Mary has finally addressed the issue of a former student who in 1945 was dismissed as the college’s newspaper editor for writing an editorial in favor of integration. At the time, William and Mary had no black students, but Marilyn Kaemmerle Quinto wrote that they “should go to our classes, participate in college functions, join the same clubs, be our roommates, pin the same classmates and marry among us.” For that, she was dismissed as editor and the newspaper shut down for a week. Today’s action actually fell short of an apology, but the board did praise Quinto.

Lt. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder wants to meet privately with former Gov. Charles Robb to iron out their increasingly public differences. The feud erupted over a charge that Robb was claiming too much credit for Wilder’s upset win last year.

In pro basketball, NBA star Larry Bird had to join the rest of us on the sidelines, thanks to a strained Achilles tendon, as his Boston Celtics beat Philadelphia 108-106.

We have one movie opening today in Richmond. It’s the new Clint Eastwood picture, Heartbreak Ridge, at Chesterfield and West Tower. You can also see Kathleen Turner in Peggy Sue Got Married at Ridge and Midlothian, or newcomers Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix in Stand By Me at Broad Street Cinema.

Off to the Southfork Ranch on Dallas tonight at 9 on Channel 6, when Parmalee provides additional proof that he’s Jock Ewing.

Now here’s something to put you in the holiday spirit. On Dec. 13, an old-fashioned Christmas concert with Keith Brion as John Philip Sousa at the Richmond Mosque.

Billboard’s Top 5 songs on Dec. 5, 1986:
1.“You Give Love A Bad Name” – Bon Jovi
2.“Human” – Human League
3.“True Blue” – Madonna
4.“The Next Time I Fall” – Peter Cetera w/ Amy Grant
5.“Hip To Be Square” – Huey Lewis and the News

Trivia: Did Larry Bird’s injuries continue after his 1986 injured Achilles tendon?
Answer: Unfortunately, yes. Bird battled severe tendon and back problems after starting the 1988-89 season. He retired in 1992.

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