6th Annual Boomers and Shakers Awards

By Cheryl Miller | December 2nd, 2016

6 Inspirational Richmond Boomers

For the sixth year, BOOMER received reader nominations of local baby boomers who have bettered the community in inspiring and significant ways. After a challenging decision-making process, the Boomers & Shakers panel narrowed the field to six.

You’ll meet these inspirational Richmonders in profiles on the following pages and on-air interviews by Cheryl Miller on WTVR-CBS 6’s Virginia This Morning. The interviews will begin on Friday, Dec. 2, with BOOMER editor Annie Tobey and continue the following week, Dec. 5-9.

Finally, the honorees and guests will be feted at an awards event in January.

Meet the 2016 Boomers & Shakers:

1. Dr. W. Baxter Parkinson Jr.


2. Kathleen Burke Barrett

Chief Executive Officer, St. Joseph’s Villa

3. Thomas Green

Volunteer, Richmond Friends of the Homeless

4. Roz Watkins

President, JHW Foundation

5. Sgt. Carol Adams

Founder, the Carol Adams Foundation

6. Kimberly Beard Kacani

Property Developers/Adoption and Organ Donor Advocate

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