Advice from Amy: Plucking Hairs Off Someone’s Shirt

By Amy Dickinson | October 22nd, 2021

‘I feel like an orangutan’

annoyed woman. Credit: Svyatoslav Lypynskyy Dreamstime. for article on plucking hairs off someone's shirt

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson weighs in on people plucking hairs off someone’s shirt – someone else’s shirt, that is.

Dear Amy: This is an insignificant problem, but I’d appreciate your opinion.

I have white hair and I think I look good wearing black.

When I am out in public with an acquaintance or co-worker, I can be in mid-sentence when some people will suddenly pick at my black shirt, and then say, “There was a hair on your shirt.”

It seems like they feel compelled to do this.

I feel like an orangutan.

I have sometimes said, partly joking, “I feel like I’m being groomed.”

Are they doing me a favor, plucking one of my white hairs off my shirt?

Is it the same as if I had food on my face, or if my pants were unzipped?

Should I be embarrassed, but grateful to have this pointed out?

I am about to give away all my black tops.

– White on Black

Dear White on Black: When people do this, they are not doing you a favor; they are treating their own discomfort — by removing something that distracts them and pulls their focus away from you.

You might never feel this impulse to smooth, straighten, or pluck (nor do I), but I agree with your instinct that doing so is something of a compulsion for people who cannot seem to resist.

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