Cozy & Popular Farmhouse Décor

By Annie Tobey | August 19th, 2020

Whether moving or ready to refresh, this #1 decorating trend is easy to achieve

A beautiful, rustic kitchen clad in farmhouse décor
Use simple, muted colors, including earth tones – soft whites, tan and gray – with occasional accent colors optional.

In 2019, farmhouse décor was the most searched-for interior decorating style, with 318,950 Google searches per month – more than the second and third styles, rustic and Scandinavian, combined. Some designers have heralded the demise of the trend, but its popularity remains strong. Perhaps this longevity comes from variations within the style – modern (more minimalistic), French (romantic) and industrial (adding metals to the mix) – or from its similarity to country, primitive and rustic styles.

Or perhaps the connection between the perceived peace of rural living, nestled close to nature, helps to keep the style alive. As Oliver Wendell Douglas said, “Farm living is the life for me! Land spreading out so far and wide.”

So keep Manhattan and get you some countryside!


It’s not necessary to go whole hog. You can incorporate the farmhouse feeling using just a few simple elements.

Farmhouse décor piece in a home
Introduce reclaimed and wood items into the scene.

Farmhouse décor pieces in a home
Choose wood furniture and accents that are distressed, natural, unfinished or painted with muted colors.

Farmhouse décor pieces in a home bathroom
Finish a room with shiplap wood paneling, a favorite of TV design shows.

Farmhouse décor pieces in a home like burlap and stuff
Accent your furnishings with textured materials such as wicker or burlap.

Farmhouse décor pieces in a home
Add farm-inspired touches: a pie safe, antique sewing machine cabinet, Mason jars, galvanized pails, barn-style doors, barrels, tools, lanterns, baskets, old windows, etc.

Farmhouse décor pieces in a kitchen
Incorporate a rustic touch, which offers a rougher, simpler, more natural element. After all, farmhouse and rustic styles overlap, and rustic just happens to be the number two trendy style.

Annie Tobey appreciates the idea of living in a farmhouse-like home near the conveniences of city and suburbs.

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