Elevated ‘Snacking’ at Gather & Hem

By Annie Tobey | May 2nd, 2024

Pre-show or just because

Elevated ‘Snacking’ at Gather & Hem - two cocktails, a charcuterie plate, and oysters

A redesigned space and menu in downtown Richmond seamlessly weaves nostalgia with contemporary pleasure. Old-time Richmonders would know that the Gather & Hem Lounge and Eatery is on the main floor of the old Miller & Rhoads building (1888 to 1990), on the department store’s Broad Street side. A seamstress would recognize the derivation of the name as tailoring terminology.

But it doesn’t take nostalgia to enjoy the food and drinks at Gather & Hem. The retro, mid-century modern vibe blends warm memories with comfortable elegance. Besides tables for your dining experience, the space offers comfortable sofas and chairs for enjoying the bites and sips.

The food menu highlights small plates, for a delicious way to share tastes among your group – like sharing your Good & Plenty or Jujubes back in the day.

poutine and cocktail at Gather & HemThink sliders topped with Gruyere and fried onions, sashimi tuna tartare, baked Chesapeake Bay oysters, Virginia peanut hummus, gravy-topped poutine, or a charcuterie and cheese board including Virginia meats and cheeses. Diners who prefer to flex their carnivore muscles can order the half rack of Australian lamb chops or two pounds of “Dinosaur” beef rib dressed with Virginia barbecue sauce.

The beverage menu features a handful of Virginia craft beers and wines (along with non-Virginia options). Most distinctive, though, are Gather & Hem bar’s creative cocktails, with a few Virginia spirits in the mix. Taste the commonwealth in The Virginia Crisp, with Laird’s Apple Brandy, Cointreau, lemon, and Virginia crisp apple or in The Commonwealth Crush, with Cirrus Vodka, Solerno blood orange liqueur, lemon, blood orange, and orgeat. Other creative (and, I can comfirm, delightful) cocktails are the rum-based Gather & Hemingway, rye-based Sass-a-Rac, and tequila-based The Agave Connection.

Gather & Hem interior shot, in the old Miller & Rhoads building in downtown Richmond, VirginiaAs of this writing, Gather & Hem offers evening hours starting at 4 p.m., with happy hour Sunday through Thursday, 7 to 9 p.m. The small plate focus makes it an ideal place to grab a bite before you catch a show at nearby Dominion Energy Center, The National or a special event at the Library of Virginia. Or make a special trip and pair a touch of nostalgia with modern dining.

Gather & Hem, 501 E. Broad St., Richmond, Virginia 

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