Flora Has a New Spin on Mexican

July 21st, 2017


Short of taking a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula or Oaxaca (albeit a desirable visit, with mountains, scrub lands, Mayan ruins, beaches and beautiful blue waters), make a drive to Flora, a new restaurant in Richmond’s Fan, for a taste of southern Mexico. The simple but carefully crafted décor sings of Mexico’s interior lands and includes elements that nicely buffer the restaurant noise. More importantly, both food and drink reflect the region without mollifying American palates. Feeling adventurous? Try the fried grasshoppers (edible on their own but better when eaten with the guacamole and chips) or fried cactus paddle (similar to eggplant). Prefer the tried and true? Tacos, pork shoulder, carne asada and more will provide succulent satisfaction. Friendly and knowledgeable servers can steer you to a dish that will reflect Mexican influences and satisfy your appetite, too.

203 N. Lombardy St., Richmond


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