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September 29th, 2020

How deep is your musical knowledge?

music trivia & crossword puzzles sitar

Test your musical knowledge with this trivia quiz and the crossword puzzle. Go to for an interactive version of the crossword.

Trivia Quiz

1. FILL IN THE BLANKS: American singer Tiny Tim was known for playing the ____, a small guitar-like instrument that originated in ____.

2. MATCHING: Match the musical instrument with the country with which it is usually associated.

 I. Sitar a. Latin America
II. Balalaika b. India
III. Steel drums c. Australia
IV. Didgeridoo d. Trinidad and Tobago
 V. Castanets e. Russia
VI. Marimba f. Spain


3. PICK ONE: Which of the following instruments is not associated with Appalachian bluegrass music?

a. Banjo
b. Dobro
c. Harpsichord
d. Washboard
e. Mandolin
f. Spoons

4. TRUE OR FALSE: The “MTV Unplugged” 1959 Martin D-18E acoustic guitar played by Kurt Cobain with the Grateful Dead sold for $6 million at auction on June 20, 2020, breaking the record for the most expensive guitar ever sold on June 20, 2020.

5. UNSCRAMBLE: Richmond’s Byrd Theatre is known for what instrument?

H Y G T I M   R U L E Z W R I T    N A R G O

Crossword Puzzle

Go to for an interactive version of the crossword.

Music trivia crossword puzzle


1 Mouth organ

6 Country music singer, ____ Travis

7 Related to singing

8 Happening, as an event

9 Seductress in the “Odyssey” who played a harp or a lyre

11 Indy 500 racer

12 Hotel and motel relative

14 Sing softly

16 Group of nine musicians

18 Website address ending

19 Very large size of clothing, abbr.

20 Wall ____, abbr.

21 Frequent karaoke setting

22 The Carpenters and Sonny and Cher, for example


1 Barbershop quartet specialty

2 Sound of a bell

3 Banded agate

4 Squeeze box

5 ’60s rebel singer, Bob ____

9 Nymph who inspired Pan’s pipes, in the Greek myth

10 Kid’s musical instrument

11 Drum or dance

13 Do, re and mi, etc.

14 D.J.’s stack

15 Christmas tree décor

17 No longer current

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