Online Shopping for Groceries, Restaurant Meals & More

December 21st, 2016

Making life easier

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Today’s new options for stocking the pantry and fridge offer incredible convenience. BOOMER examines five such options available locally. The grocery services all use online ordering. Some provide pickup locations; some offer delivery. Product availability, prices, fees and other options vary.

UPDATED MAY 19, 2020. Not all services have been vetted by BOOMER staff.

Wegmans Curbside Pickup: Richmond-area Wegmans stores not offer the option of ordering groceries online and picking them up curbside. The service operates through Instacart. Customers go to or log on to the Instacart app, select a pickup time and pay. Customers will be notified when their order is ready. At the store, customers pull into the designated pickup lane, notify the store of their arrival and an employee will load the groceries into their car.

Other Instacart services: Instacart also delivers from Publix, The Fresh Market, Kroger and other Richmond-area stores, with curbside pickup available at some locations., at the Stores tab.

Kroger ClickList: Brick-and-mortar store offering curbside pickup. Customers order online, then pick up and pay the next day (or any day following) at their chosen Kroger, never leaving the comfort of the car. The Kroger ClickList web pages show recent purchases based on Kroger card usage (as well as recent purchases on sale) for ease of reordering favorites. Great to avoid impulse buys and kids’ “buy me this” pleas.

Seasonal Roots: Subscription-based service delivering local seasonal produce, meat, dairy, baked goods and artisan foods every Thursday to homes and offices. Customers must be there for delivery or leave a cooler for temperature-sensitive products. Each default weekly delivery is a box of pre-chosen products – customers may skip a week or substitute and add products for the next delivery during a weekend window of time.

Amazon Prime Pantry: Online store offering same-day delivery on some items, one- or two-day delivery on most. Fair selection of national brands and products. Online ordering system is complicated and not especially user friendly.

GoPuff: Quick and easy delivery of anything – from groceries to household products to beer and wine – directly to your door. Only $1.95 per delivery, and no surge pricing.

PostMates: Network of on-demand drivers delivers anything from restaurant food to toiletries to groceries. All deliveries cost a flat rate of either $4 or $6.


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