Shipt: A New Grocery Delivery Option

February 21st, 2018

Photograph courtesy of Shipt

Create your grocery list on the Shipt smartphone iOS or Android app or on your web browser, choose a one-hour delivery window and wait for your personal shopper to deliver the goods right to your doorstep. Learn more or sign up at


  • $99 annual membership fee.
  • Unlimited free delivery for orders over $35 ($7 delivery fee under $35).
  • Tipping your shopper is optional and can be done online or using the app.
  • Shipt prices vary slightly from grocery store prices.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Delivery items include fresh produce, meat and other perishables as well as nonperishables and household goods.
  • Con: Shipt doesn’t coordinate with Kroger Plus membership, so no fuel points.
  • Pro: You can keep a running grocery list.
  • Con & Pro: The Shipt website selection differs slightly from grocery store shelves, but customers can include special requests that the shopper can attempt to fulfill.
  • Pro: Your order can be delivered to an alternate address – work, family, etc.
  • Pro & Con: It’s easy to comparison shop, but you can’t compare expiration dates or other fine print.
  • Pro: For substitutes for unavailable items, you can request “no substitutes,” “best judgment” or “contact me.” You can also enter delivery notes such as “Text me when you arrive.”
  • Con: Prescriptions, alcohol and tobacco products can’t be delivered.
  • Pro: You can schedule delivery within a few hours or for the next day.

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