A Decades-Long Struggle with Gender Nonconformity

By Amy Dickinson | December 28th, 2021

60-year-old shares challenges and successes

happy transgender person Photo by Olezzo Dreamstime. For article on A Decades-Long Struggle with Gender Nonconformity

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson hears from and responds to a 60-year-old who has experienced a decades-long struggle with gender nonconformity.

Dear Amy:

I follow the letters in your column regarding gender nonconformity with interest, including the recent series, beginning with “Auntie’s” refusal to use her teenage niece’s preferred they/them pronouns.

I took many decades to come to terms with the fact that I am transgender.

I spent decades in and out of therapy and on antidepressants, trying to align my soul with the body into which I was born.

But now, in my 60s, I’ve come to terms with who I am.

My lifelong depression lifted, and now I have genuine friendships because it is me who is relating to people, rather than the persona that I created.

I now know what it means to live life, rather than merely exist.

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People can relate to the gender nonconforming persons in their lives as they see fit. That is their right.

They should not be surprised, however, if the gender-nonconforming person decides, as I have, to spend their time with the people who love and respect them for who they are.

– The Truth Comes Out in the End

Dear Truth:

Thank you for outlining your challenges and experience with gender nonconformity. I hope your story will help others to understand and lead them toward compassion.

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