‘The Little Things’

By Julia Nunnally Duncan | November 5th, 2022

A poem

a pile of old pocketknives, one of the memories that stirs this poet's heart. Boomer reader Julia Nunnally Duncan recalls the little things from the past that speak to her still: "mementos of a past time and place."

Boomer reader Julia Nunnally Duncan recalls the little things from the past that speak to her still.

The Little Things

It’s the little things
that wring the heart
from time to time—
remembered artifacts
from a childhood home:
a mother’s glass knick-knacks
displayed on a kitchen shelf;
a father’s old pocket knives
stored in a bedroom drawer;
World Book Encyclopedias
that filled one’s mind though the years.
These mementos of a past time and place
are never far away in recollection.
They abide in memory
alongside the dear people
who were once there, too.

Nostalgic items, "the little things," that bring memories of childhood: old photos, knick-knacks, whimsical spice shakers

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