Ukrop's Stocks Products in More RVA Stores

By Boomer Staff | February 7th, 2017

In celebration of 80th anniversary of serving the Richmond community

For 80 years, the Richmond community has enjoyed Ukrop’s addictive rainbow cookies, tasty White House Rolls and more.

To celebrate Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods LLC’s 80th anniversary of serving the Richmond area, customers will soon be able to buy some of their favorite Ukrop’s branded items at more retailers in the area. Kroger, Libbie Market, BJ’s, the Fresh Market and Wegmans are among some of the first stores that will sell the company’s branded foods.

“This moment is transformative for Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods,” said Bobby Ukrop, President and CEO. “Of course, without the leadership and commitment to innovation and caring service demonstrated by my parents, my brother Jim, and thousands of associates over the years, Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods would not be able to take this bold step today. We look forward to satisfying even more consumers’ desire for fresh and delicious Ukrop’s prepared foods and baked goods.”

Ukrops made the decision after the Southeastern Institute of Researdch (SIR) conducted research on the strength of the community’s connection to the Ukrop’s brand. The research company’s findings validated that Ukrop’s approach and model is still relevant and effective today, according to a prepared statement from Ukrop’s. Sixty-six percent of customers who have purchased Ukrop’s foods said they are more likely to shop at a store with Ukrop’s products on their shelves. The research also found that 60 percent of non-Martin’s customers have specifically shopped at Martin’s to buy Ukrop’s products.

Martin’s will continue to offer Ukrop’s items for as long as the stores are still open.

Where to find Ukrop’s products:

Catering by Ukrop’s
Libbie Market
Military Commissaries
RIC (Hudson News)
The Fresh Market

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