What Do Car Wreckers Do to Different Parts of the Vehicle?

April 28th, 2022

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Car wrecking is dismantling the vehicle and dividing the parts into different categories like recyclable items, reusable items and scrap.

After differentiating the parts into different categories, car wreckers begin the process. However, different parts of the car come into different uses. Sometimes, they are completely damaged and, therefore, not usable. On the contrary, sometimes, a few parts of the car are completely fine and can be used again.

If you have a car for wrecking, you should certainly also understand the process it has to go through. Different parts of the car have to go through different processes, and we will provide your detailed explanation about them here.

1. Wheels and tyres

First of all, car wreckers will consider the car’s tyres. If your car has come as scrap into the yard because of engine failure, then the tyres will be completely fit and fine. This kind of tyres can be used again by the owners of second-hand cars. They are the perfect alternative for replacing the used tyres also.

2. Catalytic converter

It is a mechanism that is used for exhaust emission control in the vehicles which are manufactured nowadays. The basic purpose of this kind of part of the vehicle is to reduce the pollutants from the exhaust fumes. Mostly, they are used in cars that get their power from internal combustion vehicles. However, if a vehicle is to get a replacement for this part, it can be pretty costly. So, the car wreckers in Christchurch can put this part into reuse for replacement in another car.

3. Car battery

The car wrecking team is going to take out the battery of the scrap car and it will reuse it. It is because most of the time, the card that comes for wrecking has a lot of juice left in the battery. Therefore, it can be considered a commonly replaced component. The battery is still healthy, and it can be used in other cars.

4. Vehicle fluids

The car wreckers drain the fluids out of any scrap vehicle. Basically, this is the engine coolant, engine oil or transmission fluid. Sometimes, the scrap car also has few left in it. These kinds of fluids are removed out of the car and then are sent into the waste materials.

5. Electronic components

Nowadays, most cars come along with highly expensive electronic components. Therefore, car owners who are not willing to purchase new components can use the components taken out by car wrecking service providers. They are easy to find and also much less costly as compared to the new electronic components.

6. Engine and transmission

Most of the time, the engine and transmission system of the scrap car are perfectly fine. Some cars come for wrecking just because they are outdated and the owners are not willing to use them any longer. In such a situation, the car wreckers can take out those two important things very easily and can reuse them in other cars.

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