Rent vs. Buy: Factors to Consider When Looking for a Camper Van

July 11th, 2022

RV camper vans parked beside a lake. Photo by Welcomia, Dreamstime.

Traveling in a camper van is one of the most adventurous prospects for a thrilling vacation. It gives the raw experience of nomadic life and brings the comfort of home to travel. A camper van, however, can impact the overall experience of your vacation. Therefore, choosing the right vehicle becomes a necessity.

This decision depends on a lot of factors, starting with the choice of renting or buying a van. Both the options come with their own set of pros and cons. Here are a few factors to consider before renting or buying a van.


You should have clarity on how much you are willing to spend for your complete vacation. Owning a camper van can be beneficial if you do not have a set timeline and want complete control over where and how you use your vehicle. Buying a camper van when you dont have immediate cash will require you to pay monthly loans. However, if you are on a tight budget, then renting a camper van from an agency can be helpful. Renting a van also covers other expenses such as insurance.

Travel Plans

Do you mostly travel through camper vans? Or are you looking for an adventure? Factors like these can heavily influence your decision. If going on an off-grid vacation is a once-in-a-while occurrence for you, renting a camper van is the best option. However, having your van is better if you are a regular traveler or have permanently changed your lifestyle to a camper van. Several vans come with a wide range of features that suit such a lifestyle. You can check out “Campervan for sale in Colorado” for different options and price ranges.

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Mechanical expenditure

Buying a new vehicle means investing in good quality tools and essentials to avoid mishaps. You will have to indulge in routine maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in good condition for travel. Renting a camper van makes this easier. Most rental agencies provide 24/7 roadside assistance in cases of breakdowns. If you are looking forward to a stress-free vacation, renting a camper van is the best choice.


If you are a free-spirited traveler without a strict itinerary of your journey, then van renting can ruin your experience. Since vans and vehicles are rented on scheduled pick-ups and returns, keeping a tight schedule on your vacation becomes a priority. Any delays in this schedule can cause you more charges. Additionally, some rental companies only allow limited miles to travel and covering extra distance will require extra charges. All these concerns, however, do not apply if you own a camper van.


In case you are a new traveler contemplating buying a camper van for a vacation, it is advisable to go ahead with rental services for some time. Rental services would give an in-depth experience and exposure to what traveling in a camper van feels like. You can also rent different models for different vacations and then make an informed decision. Renting a van would also help if you are already accustomed to traveling and living in a van but are confused about the model to buy.

Different destinations

While most camper vans come with similar features, owning one can be a hassle when you frequently visit different destinations. The climatic conditions of one destination would differ, making the overall maintenance of the van difficult. You will have to change your van insulations from time to time depending on where you are traveling. In terms of rental service, you can choose the best available option. However, remember that as a frequent traveler owning a van would be more cost-efficient than renting.

There are specific advantages and disadvantages of both the options that would work differently for different requirements. Generally, buying a camper van is great if you are on the road frequently. But for those who travel rarely, renting can give you a safer and better experience.


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