Boomer's Barkers: Spuds MacKenzie

By Boomer Staff | August 26th, 2016

This fictional Bull Terrier ranks as number five on BOOMER's Top 5 most iconic dogs.

5. Spuds MacKenzie

spuds-mackenzie-0Who Is He? This fictional party dog starred in an advertising campaign for Bud Light beer in the 1980s. Anheuser-Bush Marketing Executive Mara “Mitch” Myers created the Bull Terrier character and marketing campaign.

Played By: A female canine named Honey Tree Evil Eye

Fun Fact: Spuds MacKenzie inspired a merchandise line centered on him. People could buy figurines and stuffed animals of the party pup as well as T-shirts with the canine on it. The likeable, cool dog became the center of some controversy. The marketing campaign ultimately ended in 1989.

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