Hustle for Muscle and Pay for Your Pain: Trivia Quiz & Crossword Puzzle

By Myles Mellor and Boomer staff | August 4th, 2021

Fitness and weight loss programs over the years

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Do you remember the phrases “No pain, no gain!” and “Feel the burn!”? Jane Fonda helped to popularize these in her 1980s aerobics workout videos. She was but one of the celebrities who coached us to be better versions of ourselves. Some celebs were famous before – and some famous for – their exercise guru status. Do you recall some of the crazy gadgets, diets, and fad workouts that grabbed our attention and our dollars back in the day? How well do you remember? Take this fitness fads trivia quiz to find out!



By Boomer Staff

  1. Multiple choice: Which of the following products has not been marketed to promote fitness and/or weight loss during baby boomer lifetimes?

a.  Hula hoop

b.  Exercise sandal

c.  Vibrating belt

d.  LaughterLounger

e.  ThighMaster


  1. True or false: Since it was founded in 1963, Weight Watchers has included wacky diet programs like the Sexy Pineapple Diet, Hollywood Diet and Sleeping Beauty Diet.


  1. Fill in the blanks: The high-energy video workouts promoted by American actress ____ ____ beginning in 1982 typically featured women clad in leotards and leg warmers.


  1. Matching: Match the fitness celebrity with the factoids.
a.     Charles Atlas i. Aka the “Godfather of Fitness”
b.     Jack LaLanne ii. Promotes “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”
c.     Richard Simmons iii. Ads for his program included “The Insult that Turned a ‘Chump’ into a Champ”
d.     Bonnie Prudden iv. Introduced the concept of aerobic exercise
e.     Dr. Kenneth Cooper v. Influenced Eisenhower’s establishment of the President’s Council on Youth Fitness


  1. Unscramble: This fitness franchise, founded in Chicago in 1969, has made its way into pop culture, including mentions in Taxi, The Golden Girls and more recent shows such as Glee and The Daily Show. Unscramble the name.




By Myles Mellor

Fitness fads trivia quiz crossword puzzle 


1  Once known for recreational equipment, but don’t “pin” them down

3  Easily a favorite piece of gym equipment

5  ____ Bo fitness program

7  Recipe direction

8  Quick sleep

10  The ____ Diet considers calories burned producing thermal energy

11  Eat in the evening

12  Fitness program based on dance moves

14  Trademark, abbr.

16  Augusta’s state, abbr.

18  Crying vegetable

19  More parched

20  “____ better to have loved …”

21  Histrionics

23  Go brown in the sun

24  Reject

27  Cool sports and music at Richmond, Virginia’s ____rock festival

28  Well-known omega-3 source



1  East Coast fitness club, or Acetylacetone, abbr.

2  Passing phase

3  Runners, walkers, costumes at Richmond’s ____ ____ 10k

4  Piece of advice

5  Vintage exercise board, two words

6  Day just before an event

9  Police alert

11  Form of Japanese wrestling

13  Reducing plan candy

15  National franchise gym and an Olympic goal

17  “No-judgment” fitness or ab exercise

22  Tuna type

25  Hospital show

26  Belonging to


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How well did you do?

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