Local Richmond Musicians to See and Hear

December 10th, 2018

Keep your ears peeled at area music venues, bars, festivals and breweries

The Taters

Plunky & Oneness

Groove to this group’s smooth, swayable tunes that mix Afro-jazz with funk topped off by a lot of sax. PlunkyOne.com

The Taters

They call their music “roots-pop,” a term that masterfully encompasses their diverse fusion of rock, country, Americana and ’60s and ’70s pop. TheTaters.com


This 10-piece band has been a staple in the Richmond music community for decades, known for their a range of genres: from mellow jazz to smooth funk to upbeat pop.


English Channel

This upbeat band covers the classic British pop and rock hits that invaded the music world in the mid-20th century: think Queen, Bee Gees and The Kinks. ThenglishChannel.com

Steve Bassett

His legendary blues music mixes American roots, rock, R&B and gospel. His greatest claim to fame? The collaboration with Robbin Thompson, “Sweet Virginia Breeze.” SteveBassettMusic.com

Lindy Fralin and the Bopcats

This local trio’s Rockabilly hits, both covers and originals, have been entertaining audiences for 25 years. Bopcats.com

Susan Greenbaum

The acoustic singer-songwriter’s melodious songs delve into the genre of country, without the twang. SusanGreenbaum.com

Elana Lisa and the Hot Mess

Elena Lisa and the Hot Mess
Elana Lisa and the Hot Mess | Photograph by Matt Stanton

A well-organized jumble of genres from blues to jazz to swing, topped with a New Orleans-style layer. ElanaLisa.com

Pat O’Brien

The solo singer and guitar player strums rock songs influenced by artists such as the Eagles, the Beach Boys and Fleetwood Mac. Facebook @Pat O’Brien RVA

Django Tango

This gypsy jazz group reflects influences of French swing music of the 1930s through today. Facebook @Django Tango RVA

The Sequels

Five high-energy musicians and vocalists meld a harmonious blend of bluegrass, roots, rockabilly, Americana and honky-tonk. TheSequelsMusic.com

Janet Martin

Songs from this leather-studded female rocker and vocalist are based on rock with a country twist. JanetMartin.com

Sheryl Warner and the Southside Homewreckers

The deep, steady blues are made richer by the euphonious harmonica. SherylWarner.com

The Broad Street Ramblers

It’s hard to categorize this band. Just think of them like “a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll” – plus a little bit roots, a little bit blues and a little bit … Hawaiian. BroadStreetRamblers.com

The Hullabaloos

You’ll find them playing British and American rock from the 1960s – “until something better comes along.” TheHullabaloos.com

Rob Williams

Feel that motion-driven acoustic rock music with a folksy guitar and a country twang. RobWilliamsAcoustic.com

Chrome Daddy Disco

Rockabilly tunes with a twist deliver upbeat energy and entertaining gusto. Facebook @Chrome Daddy Disco

Cashmere Jungle Lords

Performing a blend of country music, Latin-inspired guitar and West Coast rock, the band calls their music “Southern-fried salsa surfability.” Facebook @Cashmere Jungle Lords

The Fredds Unplugged

This combo of musicians is heavy on the blues, heavier on the rock and heaviest on the energy. Facebook @The Fredds | Fredds Unplugged

Paulo Franco & The Freightliners

Bilingual lead singer Paulo Franco brings his Latin American side to the Americana folk-rock band. Facebook @PEFLMusic

The Jangling Reinharts

Listeners find it challenging not to dance along with this buoyant mix of pop and rock. Jangling.net

Church Hill Music Co.

Feel the breeze while listening to this purebred bluegrass band with strings and vocals to match. Facebook @Church Hill Music Co.

Suzie and the G-Tones

The entertaining and eclectic group of musicians performs smooth classic rock grooves. Facebook @ Suzie and the G-Tones

Three Sheets to the Wind
Three Sheets to the Wind

Three Sheets to the Wind

The yacht rock band covers classic hits from Steely Dan to Billy Joel to Hall & Oates, all with high energy and astounding accuracy. ThreeSheetsYachtRock.com

Tin Can Fish Band

The playful acoustic rock band skillfully integrates folk, roots, bluegrass and zydeco. TinCanFishBand.com


Instant Karma Band

The band dedicates itself to the music stylings of John Lennon and The Beatles. Facebook @Instant Karma Band

The Big Payback

A James Brown tribute band that would make the Godfather of Soul himself proud. Facebook @JBTributeBand

Full Moon Fever

Travel back in time with this rock-fueled homage to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Facebook @FullMoonFeverRVA

Life on Mars

Life on Mars
Life on Mars

Paying tribute to David Bowie, the band adds layers of costumes, lighting and multimedia to create a full Bowie musical experience. LifeOnMarsRVA.com


The six-man band, titled after Duane Allman’s nickname, dedicates itself to the music of the Allman Brothers. SkydogTribute.com

Get Trick’d

The power pop group pays tribute to American rock band, Cheap Trick. Facebook @GetTrickdRVA

Flat Elvis

Forget the King. Expect covers from the 70s through today’s popular tunes from a band dedicated to fun. FlatElvisBand.com

Dead Letter Officers

The group brings back the rock songs of REM, circa 1980s. Facebook @Dead Letter Officers

Brass in Pocket

The Richmond rock group pays a harmonious tribute to the British-American rock band, The Pretenders. Facebook @Brass in Pocket

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