Spring Trivia and Interactive Crossword

By Myles Mellor, Bob Williams, and Boomer | March 10th, 2021

Raise your spirits with clues and brain teasers featuring the season of fresh new life

Spring flowers - daffodils - for the spring trivia and crossword puzzle. Image by Guble on Dreamstime

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
– Robin Williams (1951–2014)

Crossword Puzzle

  • Tap a square to type in your answer – dark blue indicates the active square.
  • Click on the circle at the bottom of the puzzle to highlight incorrect letters, fill in one letter or an entire answer, and clear the puzzle.

Trivia Quiz

1. FILL IN THE BLANK: In Bambi, the 1942 Disney film, the animals were said to fall in love in the springtime because they were ____.

2. MATCHING: Match the spring-like song with the (or a) recording artist or group who recorded it.

I.      “Spring Again” a. The Rascals
II.    “Here Comes the Sun” b. Donna Summer
III.   “Spring Affair” c. Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson
IV.   “59th Street Bridge Song” (Feelin’ Groovy) d. The Beatles
V.    “Sweet Virginia Breeze” e. Simon and Garfunkel
VI.  “A Beautiful Morning” f. Sarah Vaughan
VII. “It Might as Well Be Spring” g. Lou Rawls


3. PICK ONE: Which is not true about the vernal equinox in March

a. It marks the astronomical start of spring.
b. On that day, everywhere on Earth experiences equal hours of daylight and darkness.
c. It’s the beginning of fall in the southern hemisphere
d. The term comes from Latin for equal night (aequus nox)
e. The date differs from the meteorological start of spring, which is March 1.
f. On that day, everywhere on Earth, the sun rises due east and sets due west.

4. PICK ONE: Which two states regularly host Major League Baseball teams for spring training camps?

a. Florida (Grapefruit League) and Texas (Longhorns League)
b. Texas (Longhorns League) and Georgia (Peach League)
c. Louisiana (Bayou League) and Arizona (Cactus League)
d. Arizona (Cactus League) and Florida (Grapefruit League)
e. Georgia (Peach League) and Arizona (Cactus League)

5. UNSCRAMBLE: In Greek mythology, who was the goddess of spring?

N  O  S  E  P  H  R  E  E  P

6. FILL IN THE BLANK: This ancient Egyptian statue, the ____ ____ is said to face due east, directly where the sun rises on the vernal equinox.


How do you think you did?

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