The Bob Marley Cocktail

By Annie Tobey | May 6th, 2020

Let this refreshing Rastafarian-colored cocktail take you to the islands

Bob Marlley cocktailWhat better way to fight cabin fever than to transport your soul to Jamaica and begin making plans for a trip to the tropics? The Bob Marley cocktail offers just such a tasty respite.

The Bob Marley

From Sunset at the Palms

Frozen strawberries

Mango juice, frozen, divided

Frozen mango juice mixed with Blue Curacao to get a green color

1 ounce of Appleton White Rum (made locally – and you can visit the distillery when you’re on the island)

Pineapple and cherry, for garnish

Blend strawberries and pour them into a tall Collins or highball glass as the bottom layer for this drink. Pour frozen mango juice as a second layer. Mix remaining frozen mango juice with a little Blue Curacao until you have a greenish frozen slush. Pour on as the top layer of the drink, leaving room for rum. Pour the rum gently on top and garnish with pineapple and cherry … and now you have a liquid Rastafari flag!

If you wonder about the measurements, remember what the Jamaicans say: “You know, just what feels right to you.”

Sunset at the Palms is an adults-only, all-inclusive, treehouse-style resort in Negril, Jamaica. 

Recipe and image from Mindy Bianca PR.

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