Wintry Trivia & Crossword Puzzles

November 18th, 2020

How hot is your knowledge of winter and the pop culture it has inspired?

Crossword Puzzle

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  • Click on the circle at the bottom of the puzzle to highlight incorrect letters, fill in one letter or an entire answer, and clear the puzzle.

Trivia Quiz

1. FILL IN THE BLANKS: What 1981 movie about three couples who vacation together was named after a Vivaldi symphony of the same name?

_____ _____ _____


2. TRUE OR FALSE: The colorful aurora borealis lights up the sky in the Southern Hemisphere, particularly near Antarctica, when solar storms send out charged particles that blow across Earth’s magnetic field.


3. MATCHING: Match the movie, play, or TV show with the quote.

I.   Groundhog Day a.  “Do me a favor. Put your lip over your head – and swallow.”
II.   Bambi b.  “I was afraid of that. The thermometer’s getting red. I hate red thermometers.”
III.  Frosty the Snowman c.  “Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance.”
IV.  Grumpy Old Men d.  “I hope I don’t offend you. Do people improve with age?”

“They grow a little more tolerant.”

“Because they have more to tolerate in themselves.”

V.    The Winter’s Tale e.  “Come on, it’s all right! The water’s stiff!”
VI.   Doctor Zhivago f.  “You want a prediction about the weather? You’re asking the wrong Phil.”


4. PICK ONE: Which of these chilly books is a Jack London novel featuring a dog named Buck who becomes a sled dog in the Yukon?

a. Polar Express
b. Anna Karenina
c. Julie of the Wolves
d. Call of the Wild
e. Alaska
f. White Fang


5. UNSCRAMBLE: What is the name of the Alaskan race that pits mushers and teams of 14 sled dogs? What are the races starting and finish lines?

Sled teams on the D O I T R A I D race from G O H E A R A C N to E O M N


6. MORE MATCHING: Match the Olympic winter sport with the equipment.

I.   Luge a. Skis and rifle
II.  Curling b. Poles and bindings
III. Ice hockey c. Broom and stone
IV.  Alpine skiing d. Sled and spiked shoes
V.   Skeleton e. Stick and puck
VI.  Biathlon f. Small sled and finger spikes


How do you think you did?

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