Boomer's Barkers: Lassie

By Boomer Staff | August 26th, 2016

This fictional Collie ranks as number one on BOOMER's Top 5 most iconic dogs.


boomers-barkers_1-lassie_devWho is She? This fictional female long-haired Collie has played the star of many films including Lassie Come Home and the sequel, Son of Lassie. Originally, Eric Knight created the lovable Rough Collie character in a short story, which was then turned into the full-length novel, “Lassie Come-Home.” Later, the tale was adapted to film and a TV show.

Dog Actor Name: Primarily played by the pooch named Pal as well as various other canine actors.

Fun Fact: A male dog named ‘Pal’ played the role of Lassie in the movie “Lassie Come Home.”

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