Famous Movie Settings Trivia Quiz

By Myles Mellor and Boomer Staff | June 2nd, 2021

Locations that swept us away

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For many favorite big-screen tales, the setting is as memorable as the characters – blending seamlessly into the story or capturing our attention with breathtaking beauty, creative futuristic concepts or bleak images that scream a thousand words. See which settings you recall in this famous movie settings trivia quiz and crossword puzzle.



  1. Match the movie with its iconic filming location.
a.     One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  i.      Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio
b.     What’s Up, Doc?  ii.     Philadelphia Art Museum
c.     Rocky  iii.    Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
d.     Shawshank Redemption iv.     Oregon State Mental Hospital
f.      Sirens v.      San Francisco


  1. What major landmark do these movies – Sleepless in Seattle, An Affair to Remember, Love Affair (1939 and 1994), King Kong and The Producers – have in common?  ___________________


  1. True or false: The scene on Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan was filmed in Ireland.


  1. Which of the following movies was filmed largely in the same location as where the story was set?

a. Casablanca

b. The Wizard of Oz 

c. Zhivago

d. The Sound of Music

e. Gone with the Wind 


  1. Filming locations included stadiums in Indiana, Wrigley Field in Chicago and Cooperstown, New York. Unscramble the answer:

a    g e e a u l    f o    r e h i t    n o w


Link to answers below, after crossword puzzle 


By Myles Mellor

famous movie settings crossword 800 


1          Miniseries about an American West explorer filmed partly in Virginia

7          The NCAA’s Buckeyes

8          Capital city where Lincoln was filmed

11       Shark movie filmed in large part at Martha’s Vineyard

12       Talk loudly

14       Last word in the title of a Bill Murray comedy, filmed in Illinois

16       Back ___, area for filming at the back of a studio

17       Miniseries about a president filmed in Richmond

18       Actress, Longoria

20       Stage stealer

22       Paul Newman film that was set in part in Chicago, The ___

24       Lifesaving acute-care system, for short

25       Runaway ___, based on a John Grisham book, filmed primarily in New Orleans

26       Tom Cruise movie included scenes filmed at Miramar in San Diego



1          ____ Dancing, filmed in part at Virginia’s Mountain Lake Resort

2          And so forth (abbr.)

3          Common tattoo word

4          Many months of Sundays

5          Head ___ head

6          ___ Boulevard, filmed in Los Angeles

9          ___ whim, two words

10       Dance and music MC

13       The Pink ____, 1963 comedy set and filmed largely in Rome

14       Field of ___ revolves around a farm in Iowa

15       Word of cheer

16       2016 historical drama based in Virginia

17       The Karate ___ found his balance on a CA reservoir

18       Film about an alien, set in several CA cities, abbr.

19       “A” variation

21       One of Alcott’s “Little Women”

22       Canals between Huron and Superior

23       Action movie prop


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