Jumble Puzzles with Baffled Males

By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek | January 1st, 2024

A squirrel and a comb-over in these scrambled word games, for kids and adults

grandmother and granddaughter on a laptop. For Jumble Puzzles with Baffled Males

Play this week’s Jumble mental games and giggles. Unscramble the words and the humorous bonus answer. Start with the Jumble for Kids as a warm-up – or share the challenge with a favorite youngster.

Build your brain

Mental exercises and games, like the Jumble puzzles, can expand vocabulary, strengthen word recall, improve working memory, and keep your brain in tip-top shape, throughout life. You can actively work to strengthen your mind by learning new languages and skills, practicing long-held skills, gaining new knowledge, and engaging your brain in many other ways.

Jumble for Kids puzzle, with a squirrel squirreling away acorns as the mystery clue, one of this week's baffled males


Next up, the Classic JUMBLE

Classic Jumble puzzle, of a balding man considering a comb-over and his wife suggesting he shave his head. One of this week's baffled males


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Jumble for Kids Answers





Surprise puzzle answer

When the squirrel gathered more than 100 acorns, his friend said – “THAT’S NUTS!”

Classic Jumble Answers





Surprise puzzle answer

He used to comb his hair to one side before his hair  – DEPARTED



Much more than just the Jumble brain teaser game

For mental fitness and fun, BoomerMagazine.com presents Boomer Brain Games for baby boomers, a regularly updated mix of puzzles and quizzes to stimulate your mind and your sense of joy. We offer classic games such as Jumble and Boggle, a cartoon caption contest, and crossword puzzles and trivia quizzes with a hearty dose of baby boomer pop culture. Or head over to our sister publication, Seniors Guide, and play Sudoku online, updated every day!

See, exercise can be fun!

16 Brain Exercises for Seniors

We all want to keep our brain sharp as we get older. What works best? Tasks that use the senses – sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste – are more stimulating to the brain and get remembered better. The more senses you engage, the stronger the memory.

The brain needs novelty, too, so shake up your routine by trying something different. Use your non-dominant hand to put those jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Give up the crossword for a week and do sudoku instead. Anytime we learn something new, even a simple task, the brain is prompted to grow new neurons and make new connections.

Research shows that puzzles and online challenges are fun and helpful, but the two best potions for brain health are exercise and socialization. So include friends whenever you can and take that 30-minute walk around the block each day.

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