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November 11th, 2021

Exercise Your Mind with Our Fun & Games

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For mental fitness and fun, we present Boomer Brain Games for baby boomers, a mix of puzzles and quizzes to stimulate your mind and your sense of joy. We offer classic games such as Jumble and Boggle, a cartoon caption contest, and crossword puzzles and trivia quizzes with a hearty dose of baby boomer pop culture.

See, exercise can be fun!

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Tackle BOOMER magazine trivia quizzes or interactive crossword puzzles.

Find baby boomer-tailored topics such as the Classic TV Ads trivia quiz, Wintry trivia and crossword puzzle, Virginia Historic Beverages trivia, Music, Spring, Feel-Good Fun, Gardens & Greenery, Dy-no-mite ’70s trivia, Pop Culture Memories, About Those Museums, Behind the Curtain, Atlantic Beach Life, and Heavy & Groovy 1969.

Jumble puzzle feature imageUnscramble the letters and straighten your mind with Boggle and Jumble.

Every Monday, we post a new Boggle puzzle, inviting you to find as many words as you can within the seemingly random letters … always with themed bonus words! Then on Thursday, you can look for a new Jumble puzzle, four anagrams plus a surprise riddle made with select letters from the anagrams.

Cartoon of a dad and child on a beach with someone selling seashells. Name That Caption November 2021

Test your humor with our Cartoon Caption Contest.

Create a funny caption for our latest cartoon, vote on the best entries from the previous contest, and check out previous winners. Follow our monthly updates on the Cartoon Caption Contest page.

Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy brain? Read our review of Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age, by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta. 

Or cut to the chase and purchase a copy of Keep Sharp now!

Brain games for baby boomers work our neuroplasticity!


Guide created by The Academy Piano & Voice

Article updated Nov. 11, 2021, to add above infographic on neuroplasticity and update cartoon.

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