Trivia: Of Gardens and Greenery

By Annie Tobey | April 14th, 2020

Feeding our souls, our sense of aesthetics and our bellies

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Trivia Quiz

  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS: Virginia’s state plant and flower is the ____ ____.


  1. MATCH the painting(s) with the artist.
      I.    Sunflowers paintings: a shades-of-yellow still life of flowers in a vase a.   Mary Cassatt
    II.    Woman with a Red Zinnia: woman on a park bench holding a flower b.   Claude Monet
  III.    Water Lilies: peaceful scenes with wisteria, willows, lilies and a foot bridge over a pond c.   Vincent van Gogh
  IV.    Oriental Poppies: two large red and orange flowers cover the canvas d.   Andy Warhol
    V.    Flower prints: four multicolored flowers against a background of grass e.   Georgia O’Keeffe


  1. PICK ONE: Which of the following is not invasive in Virginia but is instead a native plant? Mimosa, kudzu, English ivy, common chickweed, goldenrod, periwinkle


  1. TRUE OR FALSE: The pawpaw tree, a native plant that can be found in the James River Park, bears poisonous fruit.


  1. UNSCRAMBLE: Nearly 2,000 acres, primarily styled as a classic, symmetrical French garden, hosting lawns, flowers, sculptures and fountains that date back to Louis XIV.

C A P A L E   F O   L A R V E L I E S S

Crossword Puzzle

By Myles Mellor

Greenery crossword puzzle


1 It feeds monarch caterpillars

6 Degree

7 He sang “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” – 2 words

8 Place to unwind

9 University of Richmond URL suffix

10 Tree in The Little Prince

12 Field of study

14 Flower that children use for garlands

16 Maidenhair, for one

18 Culinary herb with fleshy green leaves

20 A Tree ___ in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith

23 Madame, for short

24 Renoir’s A Bouquet of ___

25 Mallow plant, aka ladies’ fingers, with edible seed pods



1 Tree that produces “helicopters”

2 Salad staple

3 Aka Japanese horseradish

4 She once had a perfect garden

5 Azalea, for one

6 A wild rose has five

11   Osage ___

12 ___ Day Foundation supports planting trees and reforestation

13 American Film Institute, abbr.

14 Medical expert

15 Churchyard tree in Romeo and Juliet

17 “The moan of doves in immemorial ___”: Tennyson

19 Bro’s kin

21 You might want to tie a yellow ribbon around it

22 Significant change


How do you think you did?

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