Trivia: Of Gardens and Greenery

By Annie Tobey | April 14th, 2020

Feeding our souls, our sense of aesthetics and our bellies

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  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS: Virginia’s state plant and flower is the ____ ____.


  1. MATCH the painting(s) with the artist.
      I.    Sunflowers paintings: a shades-of-yellow still life of flowers in a vase a.   Mary Cassatt
    II.    Woman with a Red Zinnia: woman on a park bench holding a flower b.   Claude Monet
  III.    Water Lilies: peaceful scenes with wisteria, willows, lilies and a foot bridge over a pond c.   Vincent van Gogh
  IV.    Oriental Poppies: two large red and orange flowers cover the canvas d.   Andy Warhol
    V.    Flower prints: four multicolored flowers against a background of grass e.   Georgia O’Keeffe


  1. PICK ONE: Which of the following is not invasive in Virginia but is instead a native plant? Mimosa, kudzu, English ivy, common chickweed, goldenrod, periwinkle


  1. TRUE OR FALSE: The pawpaw tree, a native plant that can be found in the James River Park, bears poisonous fruit.


  1. UNSCRAMBLE: Nearly 2,000 acres, primarily styled as a classic, symmetrical French garden, hosting lawns, flowers, sculptures and fountains that date back to Louis XIV.

C A P A L E   F O   L A R V E L I E S S

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