Pop Culture Hangouts Trivia and Crossword Puzzle

By Myles Mellor and Boomer Staff | July 6th, 2021

Do you know the cool kids’ hangouts?

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Where do you can feel as “at home” as at home? Where do you hang out with friends and fully be yourself? Where do you know the menu and the staff, and they know you? Hangouts – haunts, stomping grounds – play an important role in contemporary society. They also populate our favorite TV shows and movies. How many of these gathering places do you know? Take our pop culture hangouts trivia quiz and crossword puzzle challenge to find out.


by Boomer Staff

1. Multiple choice: This spot was a go-to for teenagers Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard), Potsie (Anson Williams), Ralph (Don Most), and their idol, “The Fonz.”

a. The Max
b. Arnold’s Drive-In
c. The Lanford Lunchbox
d. Luke’s Diner

2. True or false: El Floridita, a Havana bar, gained fame as the birthplace of the daiquiri and a favorite hangout of Ernest Hemingway.

3. Multiple choice: The house pianist, Sam (played by Dooley Wilson), sings “As Time Goes By” at the Moroccan lounge owned by Humphrey Bogart’s character.

a. La Ilsa
b. Maiden’s Tower
c. Rick’s Café Américain
d. The Casablanca Café

4. Unscramble: Seating 1,000 people, 10 at a time, this Roanoke, Virginia, hole-in-the-wall has been serving hot dogs, chili, and other diner fare since 1930.

x e s t a   v e t a n r

5. Multiple choice: Eleven-year-old Doug spends a lot of his time with his best friend, Skeeter, and the love of his life, Patti Mayonnaise, at this shopping mall (which happens to be based on a Richmond, Virginia, venue, near where Doug’s creator grew up).

a. Mall of America
b. Four Leaf Clover Mall
c. The Shops at Azalea
d. Regents Triangle

Link to answers below, after crossword puzzle


By Myles Mellor

Crossword puzzle for Pop Culture Hangouts Trivia


1    Hangout for Sam on TV

4    Simpsons’ tavern

7    “Put ___ Happy Face”

8    Walter Mitty’s wife, e.g.

9    The L Word hang-out, with The

11    ____ 66

12   Singer Alicia

14   Twofold

15   Hang out for Porky, perhaps

16   Dieter’s statistic

18   Sopranos hangout, 2 words

19   Southfork was her hangout in Dallas

21   Hangout for a Biblical serpent

24   Iconic NYC jazz club hangout closed in the 60s

27   One of 24 for pure gold

28   Gilligan’s Island signal


1    Friends hangout, 2 words

2    Band that sang about the Hotel California hangout

3    Work out

4    Seinfeld diner

5    Penultimate word in a countdown

6    Put away

10   Ideal hangout for a boxing fan

12   Spongebob hangout, The Krusty ____

13   Quick affirmative reply

14   In The Graduate, he hung out with Mrs. Robinson

15   Two Guys and a Girl had a hangout on “Beacon Street” which served these

17   Goes with the good and the ugly

20   “__, myself and I”

22   Basketball org.

23   Texas Ranger bar

25   Most popular person, the ___ girl

26   J___, actress and singer

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How well did you do?

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