What’s Booming: Thyme Heals All Things

By Rachel Marsh | April 22nd, 2020

Keep up the great "social distancing" work, folks!

Thyme from Maymont's herb sale

Spending more time in your garden these days? Fill it up with clusters of savory herbs and colorful plants from our very own Maymont. Hop in the car for their Drive-Thru Herb Sale: 2,000 plants, 35 types of herbs, one very diverse garden in your future. Saturday, April 25 from 8 a.m. to noon (or until sold out).

Then get your groove on with Richmond’s favorite symphony – you know, the Richmond Symphony – as they host their first Music Marathon: a day long symphonic concert for your ears (and their wallets). Saturday, April 25 from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Willow Lawn bingo

Thirsty? See (and taste…) what your favorite local wineries are up to these days.

Grab your finest microwave popcorn (or stovetop popcorn if you’re one of those fancy people) and enjoy a night at the movies with Ashland Theatre. A handful of great flicks to choose from, a handful of proceeds going straight back to the theater. Oh, and pajamas are completely acceptable attire.

Willow Lawn supporters! Show your support one Bingo square at a time. Oh, and did we mention there are prizes?

Take a page out of the Read to Them program – fire up the ol’ video chat and give your grandkids (or your favorite borrowed kid) some much-needed (yet still socially distant) story time. Or hey – the organization could always use some extra support

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